What is Desktop Virtualization as a Service?

Desktop Virtualization as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud technology that hosts an entire desktop operating system on an off-site server. In other words, your employees can use operating systems on their computers, but you don’t have to install or license them.

For example, say you want to upgrade all of the computers on your company network to Windows 10. Rather than licensing individual devices, you can license individual users to they may access the operating system on any device. They just enter their login credentials and they’re good to go.

desktop virtualization as a service

Benefits of DaaS

Lower IT Costs

Rather than spending on licensing a separate operating system for every computer on your network, you just have to give employees access to the central server.

Flexible Payments

DaaS applications operate on a pay-as-you-go model. That means you only pay when you add a new user to the network, or need additional support.

Improved Cyber Security

Since DaaS connects all computers to a single server, you can set policies that govern users’ permissions. This makes data far securer.

Remote Access

Desktop virtualization allows employees to access company data securely from remote locations. This makes working from home or on business trips simple.


Adding a new user to your network doesn’t require configuring a computer from scratch. They just need permission to access the virtual desktop.

Little Infrastructure Needed

With DaaS, there’s no need to buy expensive infrastructure to support your IT operations. Since it’s all hosted on the cloud, you can cut hardware costs as well.

Is DaaS Right for your Company?

1) High Compliance

DaaS is ideal for companies in industries that have strict compliance regulations, such as:

The single server is easy to configure to meet cyber security laws.

2) Bring-Your-Own-Device

If your employees often work on their own devices, whether in the office or remotely, DaaS is for you. Its flexibility and security is perfect for mobile device management (MDM).

3) You’re Not Tech-Savvy

With DaaS, we’re responsible for ensuring availability and performance. We’ll also help you configure your system so administration is made simple.

Let’s Talk about Desktop Virtualization as a Service

Could DaaS could streamline operations at your company? Get in touch and we’ll talk about your options.