Ready for an Office Relocation?

Undergoing an office relocation is a huge project that requires a ton of planning and organization. Between finalizing property deals, hiring a moving company and designing a new floorplan, your company’s IT environment is the last thing you want to worry about.

That’s where TCI comes in. Our network relocation services will ensure minimal downtime for your company’s technology during the move. We’ll have everything set up so you can get back to daily business operations as soon as possible.

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How to Have a Smooth Network Relocation

IT Office Relocation Network Relocation Floorplan

The Physical Floorplan

Your network relocation will go much more smoothly if we obtain a blueprint of your new office beforehand. We need to consult this to determine the logistics of the project.

Also, it will help us design a structured cabling system so your server room, PCs and printers all run efficiently.

Opportunities for Improvement

Companies often relocate to buildings that are better-suited for their daily operations. As a result, there’s most likely a significant opportunity to improve your existing IT equipment, such as:

We’ll rely on our 15 years of experience in IT consulting and vendor management to identify solutions that will enhance the efficiency of IT procedures at your new office.

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Office Relocation Phone Systems

Communication Systems

Relocating your phone system will require a bit of logistical planning. Do you need to migrate a landline to your new office? Does your company use a VoIP or cloud PBX phone system? Do you plan on keeping the same phone number?

We need to answer these questions to plan the best course of action so your customers know how to contact you after your office relocation.

Let’s Plan your Office Relocation!

Waiting until the last minute to plan your network relocation is a recipe for disaster that will result in increased downtime and lost revenue. Get in touch with us today to plan the IT aspect of your office relocation!