What are Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security solutions are a set of technologies that use Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) practices to protect your business’ networks and data from attacks.

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Why is it Neccessary?

A weak cyber security policy puts the future of your business at serious risk. If your network is breached and your clients’ information falls into the wrong hands, your customers may never trust you again. Also, can your company survive extended periods of down-time needed to recover from a breach? Probably not.

And if you think your business is too small to be a target, you’re dead wrong. Cybercriminals work around the clock in search of new ways to exploit networks.  They know that small businesses who don’t take security threats seriously, are easy targets.

How TCI Protects your Network


Before we implement any cyber security solutions, we’ll assess your business’ network to see its weakest links. In order to get an overview of not only your hardware, but also your software and firmware, we do the following:

cyber security asset discovery

Asset Discovery

This shows all of the IT assets your business has, both in the cloud and on-premises, and highlights vulnerabilities they have and threats they face.

cyber security solutions behavior monitoring

Behavior Monitoring

This software gathers data on normal network activity and alerts your IT team whenever anything abnormal occurs, allowing for much quicker incident response and recovery.

cyber security penetration testing

Penetration Testing

This is an experiment that mimics a cyberattack. Penetration tests show just how much damage a cyberattack can cause your business.

cyber security vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scans

These give you instant insight into susceptible parts of your network, allowing you to address them before an attack occurs.

Cyber Attack Prevention

The best way to reduce damage from cyber attacks is to anticipate them, stop them and, in the worst case, have a plan to recover from them as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Once we know which cyber security solutions are best for your business through a network assessment, we’ll get them up and running. This includes:

cyber security solutions | anti virus

Anti-Virus & Web Security

Up-to-date anti-virus and web security software will guard your network from  malware attacks by scanning all new files, emails and other network traffic.

cyber security solutions disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery & Planning

No business will ever be 100 percent invincible to attacks. You need a plan for disasters. Also, data backup is an absolute must.

cyber security email security

Email Security

Phishing, a type of cyberattack that’s conducted via email, is growing more common. However, it can be stopped by spam and virus-filtering software that scans all mail for malware.

cyber security intrusion prevention system

Intrusion Prevention System Management (IPS)

An IPS monitors all traffic on your network. This deflects attacks and exploits that hackers can use to gain access to sensitive data.

cyber security patch management

Patch Management

Since malware attacks are always becoming harder to stop, your cyber security software must change as well. Patch management gives you all new security updates as they’re released in real-time.

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