What is Penetration Testing?

It’s difficult to know exactly how much damage a hacker could do after breaching your company network. Would it cause a day or two of downtime? Or would it be an awful breach that leads to your company closing? Rather than finding out the hard way, penetration testing answers those questions.

Penetration tests simulate cyberattacks. However, a professional controls them. As a result, no harm is done. You also gain insight into weak points of your network.

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Why Use It?

Modern IT systems are complex. You have cloud services, onsite hardware and employees using their own devices. Keeping track of weak points is basically impossible without the right software.

Penetration testing tells us about your network’s main weak points. Then, we provide the right cyber security solutions to address them.

Why Penetration Testing is Important

Shows Real Risks

Penetration tests show exactly which parts of your network to patch. Then, we address them promptly.

Cuts Costs

Without a thorough rundown of your network’s weak points, cyber security is a guessing game. As a result, penetration testing allows you to find the right service without spending too much.

Provides Business Continuity

Think of penetration testing like a continuity audit. It tells you how much cyberattacks can disrupt daily operations at your company.

Compliance with Regulations

Cyber security regulations like FINRA, PCI DSS and HIPAA are undoubtedly easier to fulfill after penetration tests are formed. You’ll remain compliant and avoid the penalties.

Protect your Clients

Hackers can exploit your network to conduct an attack on your clients. Taking cyber security seriously helps you build client trust and avoid reputation damage instead.

Employee Training

Penetration tests can be disguised as real files and sent to your employees. So, if they download the infected files, you know that they need more cyber security training.

Penetration Tests for your Business

Web application penetration tests and infrastructure penetration tests can potentially save your company. Contact our team today!