What is IT Project Management?

IT projects can range from hardware installations to network upgrades to new data storage software. Therefore, IT project management involves the planning, oversight and execution of projects of all types and sizes.

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Is IT Project Management Necessary?

A lot of work goes into IT project management, and most of it is highly technical. Managers must identify all deliverables for a project. This controls costs and ensures that the project is completed on time. The average business owner doesn’t have time to worry about these things.

Things will probably go awry without an experienced IT project management team. Missed deadlines, poor quality and overspending are the result. Rather than deal with these, hire a professional.

TCI’s IT Project Management Services

Our project planning and management services make your company’s IT projects easy. Here’s what we do:

IT Project Management Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

Don’t navigate an entire IT project on your own. Rather, we’ll help you understand all of your options to find the best technology solutions for your business.

office relocation

IT Office & Network Relocation

We’ll provide a smooth relocation of your network to a new office. As a result, downtime is minimized. Also, we will identify opportunities to improve your new location.

IT Project Management Vendor Management

IT Vendor Management

TCI is a proud manager of several leading technology vendors. As a result, we get you the best products at the best prices, and maintain them expertly.

IT Project Management Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Your IT environment needs an organized, manageable cable system to prevent downtime and make future updates easy.

IT Project Management Web Design

Web Development

TCI is the parent company of Fat Guy Media. Fat Guy Media is a web design company that helps your business look good online.

IT Project Management Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

Your company needs a fast, secure, reliable wireless network. So, we’ll design and install one that’s useful at your unique business.

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