What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is the foundation of your IT infrastructure. It develops a systematic plan to connect hardware using cables and outlets.

Communications systems, data backup and even wireless networks don’t work properly without a sound network cabling plan.

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Why is Network Cabling Necessary?

Reliable Connections

Without structured network cabling, your entire IT system is at risk. Obviously, random disconnections can lead to data loss and prolonged network downtime.

Simple Scalability

Due to the organized nature of a structured cabling system, adding new computers, printers and other hardware when your company grows is not a problem.

Better Aesthetics

Imagine a client walking into a meeting at your office and seeing exposed cables all over the place. It’s a bad look. Instead, our cabling services will neatly tuck your cables away, out of sight.

Quick Fixes

Every now and then, cables may malfunction. That’s the nature of technology hardware. However, a well-organized cabling system makes it easy for our support team to diagnose and fix issues.

Office Relocations

When your company relocates, you need to customize the IT infrastructure to fit your daily operations as best as possible. A new network cabling system is a must.

Builds Redundancies

Redundancy refers to the connection of two cables to one access point. As a result, if one fails, the other one will provide power and prevent network downtime.

Structured Cabling Installation by TCI

From planning to installation, we’re your one-stop shop for structured cabling.

Site Survey

First, we’ll assess the state of your IT environment. You may not even realize it, but your IT operations could be running at a below optimal level. Our site survey will help us see which network cables should go where.

Network Layout

Next, we’ll create a blueprint of an optimally-designed network. We’ll keep in mind the possibility of business growth, and make it easy to scale up in the future.


Once it’s finally time to install the network cabling solutions, we’ll do so quickly and efficiently to limit interruption of your daily operations.


If you experience issues with your cabling system, our team of technicians is ready to come to your location and address them immediately.

Contact Us about Structured Network Cabling

It’s time to stop dealing with low-quality connections and network downtime at your company. Get in touch with our team and see what our structured cabling services can do for you!