Why use Platform as a Service?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) basically allows you to deploy a whole IT environment over the cloud (or the internet). You may think it’s easier to just buy, install and maintain important hardware and software on-site, but PaaS actually has many benefits and common uses.

Platform as a Service cloud computing

Benefits of Using Platform as a Service

Cut Costs

PaaS lets you skip the complex buying and licensing of expensive software and other resources. Then, you can use sophisticated programs for a fraction of their regular costs.

Only Pay for Usage

PaaS applications often only charge when you use them. That means you don’t have to buy a whole package of software just to use one application while the rest go unused.


Since PaaS environments are managed mainly over the internet, several employees can work on the same projects while they’re in different locations.

Easy to Scale

The time it takes to add new users as your company grows is far less than it would be with a strictly on-site IT environment.

Common Uses for Platform as a Service

Business Analytics

PaaS-based tools can help your company analyze data for important patterns and insights. This can help boost employee productivity, predict future product demand and much more.

Database Management

Your company’s database can be maintained largely on the cloud. The scalability and reliability of PaaS applications make governing data access and security policies simple.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing more popular in business settings, and PaaS gives you the ability to control workflows and cyber security of IoT devices.

Software Development

PaaS provides you with a wide open operating environment so developers can program applications that interact with other parts of your IT environment. This includes file storage and web servers.

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