What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is a cyber security operation that provides instant insight into loopholes within your network. It highlights outdated software, missing patches and vulnerable hardware.

Often, vulnerability scanning is followed up by penetration testing. They give you a full view of your company’s network.

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Why Use It?

Modern IT network are complex. You have cloud solutions, onsite hardware and workers using their own devices. Knowing your weak points is basically impossible without the right software.

Vulnerability scanning organizes any gaps in your network into neat reports. Then, we provide the right cyber security solutions to address them.

Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning with TCI

Fights New Malware

As viruses and malware become more advanced, new loopholes in your network are always arising. However, vulnerability scans help stop new attacks.

Shows Weak Passwords

Hackers can crack weak passwords with ease. Vulnerability scans show which passwords on your network are easy to guess. Then, they can be changed to something stronger.

Ensures Compliance

Vulnerability scans are necessary to remain compliant with certain regulations like PCI DSS and FINRA. If you don’t comply accordingly, you could face fines.

Patch Management

Failure to install security patches is a huge cause of data breaches. However, vulnerability scanning lets you know exactly which software is missing vital security updates.

Active Threats

A huge amount of cyber attacks go unseen by the people they breach. Learn if any have breached your network, so we can remove them and help you recover.

Protects Data

Vulnerability scans can skim your network for Social Security and credit card numbers to gather them into one place for safe keeping.

Get Vulnerability Scan Solutions Now!

We’ll check every part of your network for vulnerabilities. Get in touch with our team now and we’ll ensure your network is safe from threats!