Advantages of Professionally-Installed Wireless Networks

Wireless networks don’t seem hard to set up. You can hook up a router and modem to deploy a Wi-Fi network at your office. Sounds simple, right?

However, setting up a wireless network for optimal business usage is not so easy. A lot more goes into it than just placing a wireless router in the middle of your office.

Wireless Networks Wi Fi Installation

When it comes to wireless network installation, we understand the importance of the following:

Fast Wi-Fi


Slow internet means less productivity. Your Wi-Fi should be fast enough for employees to get their work done with no issues.

Coverage - Wi-Fi


Rather than spotty connection, you need a high range of coverage and minimal downtime.

Secure Wi-Fi


Unsecure Wi-Fi networks are basically invitations for malware. So, we’ll protect your network with a firewall and password to prevent access by unauthorized users.

How TCI Manages Wireless Networks


Wireless network installation begins with an assessment of your company’s physical location. First, we’ll gain an understanding of the size of your space in order to see how large your Wi-Fi network must be.

Then, we’ll identify any possible obstructions to determine the best access points. Walls, doors and other appliances could potentially block the signal and make your wireless network slower.

Finally, we’ll custom-design a network that takes into account all of the aspects of your unique location.

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wireless networks installation wifi


Our team of technicians will come to you to set up the network, including:

  • Cabling and installation of Wi-Fi access points
  • Connecting employees’ devices to the wireless network
  • Firewalls to protect data
  • Answering questions about the network

We’ll leave no stone unturned and make sure you’re fully satisfied with your new Wi-Fi network.


From time to time, you may have connectivity issues or need to add new users to the network. Regardless of the issue, TCI’s team of remote and on-site support specialists can solve it.

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Begin your Wireless Network Installation Today!

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