What is IT Asset Discovery?

IT asset discovery involves taking a full inventory of your IT network. It’s used to gain an understanding of all hardware and software connected to your network. This includes both onsite and cloud-based assets, which then provides complete visibility of your network.

The result is a neatly-organized report of your company’s technology. It can then be used to make informed cyber security decisions.

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Benefits of Asset Discovery and Management

Threat Assessment

Asset discovery assesses threats. It will tell you about vulnerable software, missing security patches and other risks. This makes it easy for us to provide cyber security solutions that keep your network safe.

Confirms Licenses

If your company uses unauthorized software from vendors, you may face steep financial penalties due to expired licenses. With asset discovery, it’s easy to see which ones are outdated and have to be renewed to avoid fines.

Mobile Device Management

When you allow employees to connect their own devices to your network, you introduce a whole new avenue for cyberattacks. However, we can scan the weak points of any device connected to your network, even your employees’.

Types of Protection Offered

Employee Monitoring

It’s possible that your employees download malware onto your network. Whether it was by accident or they’re looking to sabotage you, it puts your company at risk. Asset management makes it easy to track what they’re doing.

Network Optimization

There may be software and hardware connected to your network that you forgot about. Asset discovery allows you to cut costs on IT assets that you no longer need as a result.

Confirms Compliance

Failure to follow cyber security laws in your industry can result in huge fines. Asset management helps us keep your company compliant by giving a full understanding of your network.

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