What is a Managed Antivirus?

You’re familiar with antiviruses. They provide malware protection and content filtering to keep your computer safe from threats. Managed antivirus services are the same, except they’re maintained by your IT provider.

Managed antivirus

Benefits of Managed Antivirus Services

Personalized Protection

Antivirus software can be custom configured to meet your company’s unique needs. We schedule vulnerability scans and set disaster response procedures to ensure protection at all times.

Cloud-Based Deployment

Instead of hosting your antivirus on an onsite server, we’ll move it to the cloud. This makes it easy to deploy onto new workstations and cuts costs at the same time.

Instant Threat Detection

With behavior monitoring software, we keep tabs on your network to detect threats in real-time. This allows us to respond immediately to any incidents.

Mobile Device Management

If your employees use their own devices to work remotely, your antivirus software will still protect against threats to your network.

Types of Protection Offered

Spyware and Ransomware Protection

Attacks against small and mid-sized companies are becoming more common. Because of this, we actively defend your network against spyware and ransomware.


OpenDNS is a cloud solution that predicts and stops attacks. It’s fast, comprehensive and easy to scale when your company grows.

Content Filtering

Our content filtering firewalls scan incoming emails and files in order to detect any trace of malware within them.

Patch & Security Management

First, we run scans and tests on your network to discover its weak points. Then, we use patch and security management software to strengthen them.

Web Filtering and Monitoring

Web filtering and monitoring software allows you to block employees from using certain websites. This helps you keep a close eye on their activity, making them more likely to do their work as a result.

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