What is Software as a Service?

Software as a Service (SaaS) allows your company to use software on-demand via the internet (also known as the cloud), rather than downloading it and installing it on each machine on your network. An outside vendor hosts the software on their own servers, you just access it as needed.

Software as a Service Cloud Computing

Why use SaaS?

This cloud-based solution has several advantages:

Reduced costs

Licensing essential software programs is expensive. On-demand SaaS reduces the need to navigate complex licensing and installation agreements.

Only pay as you go

With SaaS, there’s no need to purchase costly software bundles just to use one program. You can access and pay for individual programs as needed.

Minimal management

The vendor who hosts the software is responsible for managing and upgrading it, ensuring that it’s always reliable.

Simple to scale

The versatility of SaaS allows for easy integration when your company grows and new users must be added to your network. They can also use SaaS programs on their own devices, no matter the operating system.

Business Applications of SaaS


Microsoft Office 365 is a staple in any company. Most companies can’t function without Word, Excel and Outlook. Microsoft Office 365 Cloud, rather than the traditional version, is cost-effective and easy to scale.

Storage and Backup

Backing up important company data in case of a disaster is vital. However, using on-site backup solutions alone has a few pitfalls. Upgrading your local storage system with a SaaS program provides better business continuity as a result.

Cyber Security

A strong defense against cyberattacks is critical for companies of all sizes, in all industries. SaaS-based cyber security applications keep your company’s network protected against all of the latest threats.

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