What is Disaster Recovery & Planning?

No matter how secure your company’s network is, it’s never invincible to cyber threats. Disaster recovery is a critical step in the data protection process. It involves analyzing threats, backing up data and having alternatives in place. Basically, it’s like having insurance for your IT operations.

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Why is it Necessary?

Small and mid-sized businesses are not off hackers’ radars simply because they don’t make billions of dollars in revenue. Conversely, it’s quite the opposite. Hackers know that smaller companies are less likely to have cyber security solutions in place, which makes them prime targets.

Also, natural disasters like floods and fires can destroy physical data servers, erasing their contents forever.

Disaster planning is vital for business continuity if and when the worst happens.

How TCI Guarantees Business Continuity

Disaster Planning

First, we’ll assess your IT environment for its weakest links. This includes cyber security loopholes, outdated software and failed data backups. This allows us to plan a full-scale response strategy.

Data Protection

Next, we’ll implement data protection solutions. These generally include cyber security programs and hybrid data backup plans. Hybrid backup combines onsite servers and cloud servers to make multiple copies of all data.

Desktop Virtualization

In case a physical catastrophe makes it impossible to work at your office, we’ll introduce remote desktop solutions. This lets you and your employees use the company network without having to use company devices.

Swift Recovery

With the right solutions in place, we can quickly recover your company data so business can continue. Our team is always ready to support your company. We also offer office relocation services if necessary.

Let’s Talk about Disaster Recovery Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all disaster recovery solution. Get in touch with our team so we can discuss how to guarantee business continuity at your company.