The Importance of Email Security

Whether it’s to communicate with clients or internally, your company certainly can’t function without email. Sadly, email security is something that many companies don’t take seriously enough.

Ransomware, which is quickly becoming one of the most common cyberattacks, mainly spreads through email. Hackers may hijack your email address, including all of the sensitive messages contained within it. Therefore, you must protect your company’s network and email servers.

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Types of Email Security

Spam Filtering

Spam emails are annoying and take up space in your inbox. Our spam filtering tool prevents them from ever reaching you.

Threat Scanning

Not only are spam emails a nuisance, they’re often the source of malware. Rather than risk malware-laced spam, our email security software filters it out.

Email Encryption

Email encryption scrambles the contents of the emails sent from your domain. Only the intended person will be able to read them. As a result, they are safe from hackers.

Email Archiving

Email archiving helps you save and protect the content of old emails. It’s basically like keeping a file cabinet of all of your past emails for future use, even after they’re deleted from your inbox.

Email Backup

Email backup solutions take snapshots of your current emails for storage. Backups are useful for retrieving previous versions of recent emails that have been erased or altered by mistake.

Hosted Exchange and Office 365

Cloud-based Hosted Exchange and Office 365 not only cost-effective, but more secure than onsite email clients. They’re managed from a central, cloud server. As a result, it’s easier to oversee email security.

Learn More about Email Security

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