Why Data Backup is Critical

Data loss, due to human error, computer crashes or cyberattacks, can cost your company tons of money and resources. Between the time it takes to redo important work and potential downtime, revenue will be negatively affected. That’s where data backup management comes in.

It’s like a safety blanket. If and when data is lost, we easily recover backups. As a result, your company saves time and money.

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Data Backup Management Services from TCI Technologies

In order to ensure our clients’ data is backed up and will never be lost forever, TCI Technologies offers a few storage solutions from leading IT vendors.

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Local Backup

Local backup is the traditional method of data storage. It involves backing up data on-site to physical devices that are connected to your computer’s network.

Although they’re sometimes considered “old school,” local backups have plenty of strengths that make them worth using:

  • Costs. You typically need to make a single investment in a high-capacity local backup solution that anticipates your company’s growth.
  • Speed. On-site backups and recoveries don’t rely on the internet. As a result, we perform them quickly.
  • Control. With local backups, you know where your data is at all times. So, there’s no need to worry about a sneaky hacker or employee snooping around.

Online Backup

Online backup, also known as cloud backup, relies on the internet to store data. Copies of your company’s data are sent to off-site servers for future use.

Benefits of online backup solutions include:

  • Reliability. Access data remotely, even during network downtime, with internet-based access.
  • Flexibility. Scale your cloud to account for business growth.
  • Security. Protect your data from breaches that affect your local network.
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Hybrid Backup

Rather than using just one backup service, TCI Technologies recommends opting for the best of both worlds: hybrid backup solutions. They combine online and local backup methods to double-protect your sensitive company data.

Our backup solutions take routine snapshots of your data. As a result, they store the latest versions so they’re ready to be recovered.

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